Repairs and servicing of night vision equipment

archer night vision repairs

Gas Purging

Archers, Kites, Longbows, Goggles and all other western manufactured night vision devices require a dry gas purge or a vacuum heat purge once a year. This procedure is carried out to remove moisture and oxygen from the devices which are a threat to the intensifier tubes and can cause them to fail. We are happy to provide a gas purging and general service for your scope.


Accident Repairs

Accidents do happen. Should anything happen to your scope we will be happy to carry out any repairs. You can contact us at the address below:

Starlight NV Ltd
Unit 8
240 Elliott Street
M29 8DS

Telephone : (+44) 01942 884378; 01942 876790.

Fax: (+44) 01942 871113



E-Mail: starlightnv@zen.co.uk