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Arrow is a small compact digital night vision scope that acts as an add-on to your original day scope, it works best on parallax adjustable scopes as the parallax adjustments is a separate focus mechanism and allows the whole system to be focused (not to eliminate parallax).

Being a small add-on at approx. 9.0 cm in length from lens to eyepiece shooting position is not affected; we also offer an inexpensive slip on/off rubber stock extender. Unlike other digital night vision which is usually low magnification, the Arrow is utilising your scopes magnification so up to x12 or more can easily be obtained.

By using your scopes the Arrow can be swapped to every single rifle that you own, unlike dedicated night scopes you are not tying one rifle up to night shooting.

It has taken nearly 200 yrs to get glass telescopic sights like Zeiss ,S&B, Leupold to where they are today with the features of easy to fit, low profile, precise zoom, precise windage & elevation, no loss of zero. The same cannot be said of dedicated digital and night vision units nearly all of which are made in the former Eastern bloc countries. By fitting to the back of your optical day scope you will receive the benefits of highly reliable optics made from credible firms and not Eastern Bloc manufactured items.

Arrow is designed to use the Starfire illuminator for use with airguns and the new Dragonfly for rim and centre fire rifles, Starfires and Nightmasters are unsuitable for fox shooting with Arrow digital scopes as the beam diameter is larger than the scopes field of view at anything past x4, so as magnification is increased the Infrared beam is way bigger than what the scope is looking at and becomes greatly diluted, this equates to a very poor image and not very much range, a Dragonfly on the other hand can follow this field of view down to very high magnifications giving ranges of 300 yds +.

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Arrow Specifications

Dimensions Length 175mm (90mm optical length from back of scope to eyepiece), height 110mm, width 60mm

Weight 0.5kg

Power supply 2x 3.7v rechargeable battery

New Dragonfly

Power 120mw

Wavelength 850nm

Field of view variable

Length 127mm

Width 29mm

Power 1x 3v CR123 battery

Beam Focasable beam





Arrow Starfire IR £579.99

Arrow with Dragonfly £699.99

Starfire is for Airgun Gun use only, totally unsuitable for centre fire rifles with Digital Add-On’s, as are Night Master IR torches, the beams are bigger than field of view.

Dragonfly has specially been designed for digital Add-On scopes.

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