We offer a wide range of accessories to help bring the best out of your night vision. We have recently manufactured a top-of-the-range laser IR illuminator. This is an extremely powerful IR laser made soley by us in the UK. If anything should go wrong with this, we would be able to repair it easily. We can also supply sheets of IR filter to cover your lamps and give advice on mounting systems for your scopes.


Starlight's High Powered, Long Range, Laser IR

Starlight's High Powered Laser

This is a very high powered, long range, infra red illuminator, designed and manufactured in the UK by Starlight NV Ltd. The IR illuminator contains high grade optics, circuitry and switches that are of Western manufacture. The device has been designed to give a perfect, crisp circular spot. This beam is adjustable from spot to flood and can give illumianation to night vision devices which enables them to see fox type targets at up to 400m range.

The illuminator can be supplied in three beam settings; tight beam, medium diameter beam, and a wide beam. These beams are still adjustable from spot to flood within their categories. The tight beamed variant is designed for use with Longbows, Archers etc which have a narrow fiels of view at high magnification settings. The medium diameter variant is designed for use with Kite sights, spotting scopes and dedicated NV weapon sights, which have a medium wide field of view. The wide beamed variant is designed for use with night vision goggles.

The laser beam is fitted with an internal windage and elevation setting to enable the beam to be adjusted to the centre of your field of view.

Three beam settings: tight, medium and wide.


Supa Afocal

The Supa Afocal

This impressive Afocal (add-on) 90mm adapter is designed to increase the light gathering and night time performance of Longbow scopes vastly. Night time viewing and resolution are improved with the Supa Afocal, as is the magnification, which is increased by a fctor of x1.5. The Supa Afocal increases the standard Longbow mag from 2.5-10 to a new 3.75-15 mag.

The Supa Afocal adapter increases the useable range out to approximately 400 yards with IR illumination and because of the increased light gathering, it is possible to shoot with no IR at all, depending upon night time conditions.

The Supa Afocal attached to the Longbow